Monday, 26 September 2016

Week 3 - Finding my feet

Last night my partner made bread so we didn't have to buy the bagged stuff from the supermarket. It was a quick and easy wholemeal loaf we sprinkled with seeds. It turned out pretty tasty!

I have found some lovely ladies at Farro who will paper bag fresh cut cheese for me.

We get fresh milk weekly from the farm.

Our chickens have laid 4 eggs that we know of. Two were stolen and possibly more. We think it was a neighbourhood cat (I refuse to believe it would be my own cat even though his weight says otherwise) because we never heard a commotion in the coop and the chickens are unharmed. I found the empty shells in the garden a few days later. We have since put bricks on the roof to stop anything pushing the doors open. Hopefully it works.

I shop at the local fruit and veg store and that's where the majority of our meals come from.

Things like rice and flour I buy from Bin Inn by filling up my own containers. Some cotton drawstring bags would be really handy.

On my partners birthday I wanted to cook something special and meaty so I went to the butchers and took home some brisket in my own container. In the end it wasn't ready for dinner because it hadn't been in the slow cooker long enough. We ate mashed potato and brussel sprouts with some of the sauce for his birthday dinner! But the brisket was delicious the next day.

Next is homemade washing powder and toothpaste!