Friday, 9 September 2016

Day 4 - tgif

I work in a café which according to my colleague, is one of the most wasteful industries. Now I'm not about to up and leave my job because I really love the fast pace but there are a few things that really rub me the wrong way so it's time to vent!

People who get takeaway food with the plastic knife and the plastic butter and the bag and then, they sit there with their friends eating it off the table out of their bag. Then they leave their rubbish there to be cleaned up. 

I literally decided to be plastic free after one day of research but I have always been conscious of waste, especially food. So, if you didn't want toast with your eggs why not say? It will be cheaper and I don't have to throw your soggy toast into the bin.

We make around 600 coffees a day. Of that number around 400 are takeaway. Each day. Of those 400 coffees there are two customers that bring in a reusable cup everyday. Two. And the vast majority of our customers are regulars and work in the same building or neighbouring buildings. 

But for me that's not the worst thing. It's when people say, "Take away cup but I'll have my coffee here." This happens a lot. You know you are staying and can use a really nice mug with a beautiful looking coffee so why? Usually they say something like "I don't like my coffee getting cold" but it wouldn't get cold if you didn't drink a litre of milk with it. I think they must like wrapping their lips around that little plastic sippy hole like an overgrown toddler. 

Vent over.