Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Day 7 - First week done!

I went to another supermarket today - who knew there were so many supermarkets. Farro has fill-your-own egg trays and cheese to buy by 100g. Two great finds to make life easier!

Here are some of the benefits of buying locally (to make myself feel better about the lemon incident yesterday).

  • save on hidden travel costs and energy spent transporting and preserving the product - look at where some of the produce in the supermarket comes from
  • home grown hopefully means less pesticides and preservatives
  • a fresher product 
  • label free, free from hidden packaging (bulk wrapping, protective packaging)
  • money stays in the community rather than going into large corporations, the farmer is getting 100% of the profits 
  • helps promote local agricultural diversity
  • protects genetic diversity rather than having a particular variety chosen for its long shelf life, high production, has a long shelf life and hardiness. Local plants can be chosen for their own unique taste and may not be available year round.