Friday, 9 September 2016

Day 5 - Thoughts and feelings

Thank goodness wine comes in a recyclable glass bottle. I want to go one better though and go to a place down the road that refills flagons with wine on tap. $18 for a litre! They also do heaps of great beers. Will have to keep some empty flagons in the car.

Thought from the other day at the supermarket:
We are literally blind to plastic. We don't see it. It is around E V E R Y T H I NG. But no one sees it. You see the fancy branding and the clever advertising and you see the food inside. It doesn't even enter your mind. And when you get home the food comes out and the plastic goes into the bin. It never has a chance to register. I know because I thought exactly the same way before I started this. I only saw the plastic once it became a barrier for me to get something. All this great food has become imprisoned and I can only peek at it through a little plastic window.

Now I'm mainly thinking shitty food. Chips, noodles, chocolate and the like but try doing your normal shop. Oh shit, that tray of eggs is covered in plastic! Fuck, my milk comes in a plastic bottle. Oh no, not the cheese! How about some rice? Nah uh. Only need half a cauliflower? Too bad you're going to be eating that whole cauli for weeks! Want to fancy that meal up with some herbs? Well you're shit outta luck!
At least they haven't got to the butter yet.


  • Toilet paper is going to run out soon and I am yet to find a brand that isn't wrapped in plastic. Leaves?
  • Tampon substitute in the near future. I never thought I would be one to purchase a moon cup. 

It's easier that I did't start this lifestyle change by immediately throwing out all the plastic in my home because each thing is going to be a challenge and the longer I can stall the next thing the better.

Cat food. It looks like I'm going to have the fanciest cat in town. He'll be dining on off cuts from the local butcher.

I wonder what supermarkets looked like before plastic.