Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Day 2

Today I went to five shops for food
Bin Inn - This was great. Let me fill up my own jars. Will definitely be going back with a long shopping list. Some good ingredients for bread making and cleaning products with no packaging.
Next the local veggie shop in Whenuapai. Almost got out without any rubbish but the spring onion had sellotape around it. I bought it anyway because from now I can regrow it from the roots. Interestingly the owner said they used to use rubber bands which would have been better because at least those are reusable.
Third was Mitre10 to buy some herbs which didn't work out so well because they all come in plastic pots. I asked if they take the pots back but they come from suppliers so no. I bought them anyway. Not sure how else to get plants. Might have to start some seedlings off. At least it's spring so should be a good time for it.
Then Pak n Save. Didn't buy anything. I was looking for a jar of miso paste and some noodles that might come in cardboard instead of plastic but nothing.
Finally Countdown for miso paste. It came in a plastic container. So did the noodles. I knew this wasn't going to be easy. Next time noodles from scratch!
I also started an Instagram - Bridgetsbin !