Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Day 8 - Happy chickens

I have noticed some forced healthy eating but at least it's coming into summer which means cheap and delicious summer fruit and veg. We made (my boyfriend made) an Asian summer salad with fresh veges and a delicious sesame soy and rice vinegar dressing. Had to pass on some of the fresh herbs until our plants grow. I am yet to find plastic-free fresh herbs.

Went to Mitre10 today and bought heaps of seeds. I have never grown seeds before so I hope I'm not just throwing away money. But how hard can it be! I couldn't buy any seed raising mix which I apparently need. I thought I was doing really well. All the seeds came in paper bags and it wasn't until I got home and opened the bags did I realise that there was a bag inside the bag!! I was tricked into buying plastic when I so sadly declined buying soil, secateurs and seedlings because they came in plastic 

I admit that I wanted to buy some seedlings (in plastic planter trays) so I could fast track some gardening but it was my partner that couldn't let us do it! It's so good to know I have his support and someone to keep me on track.

Also talked to my Nan today. She lives on a farm and said I can have some of her chickens! Now all the food scraps I bring home from work will go to happy chickens! Hopefully I can pick them up this weekend, just need to sort out a coop. 