Monday, 26 September 2016

Day 12 - Goodies from the farm

We went to visit my Nan in the weekend down at the farm. She has a small farm with goats a horse and chickens. I had talked to her earlier in the week and mentioned wanting chickens because I'm bringing home so many food scraps from work. I originally just intended to compost it all but there's so much I thought I better get chickens and as soon as she heard this she said come down and grab some chickens! 
We arrived just as it was getting dark and she already had the chickens in the coop and asked what ones we would like - more what colour we wanted. I loved them all but we chose a black and a brown one. Later that night we would sneak in and catch them while they were sleeping.
A few hours later, before bed we went back out to the chicken coop. We had torches and spotted out the ones we were taking with us. I probably should have tried to catch them myself but I was scared of the screeching and the scratching and the flapping, so was my partner. So in goes Nan. We had low torch light so she could see which ones to grab. She crept up being the brown hen and quickly snatched it. Sure enough it started screeching a sound I had never heard from a chicken. The others near it flapped, squawked and ran to the far end of the coop. Nan tried to hand me the chicken but it scratched me and I dropped it - some farm girl. Then Matt took hold of it firmly under his arm and it began to calm down. 

The next chicken was the same except I didn't try hold this one. We loaded them into the crate ready to take home! So excited!

The next morning they had pooped all through the crate and stank (they really, really stank) so we had to drive home with the windows down. On the way we picked up the coop we bought off Trade Me. Tied it to the roof and drove home at 70kph, even on the motorway. Luckily it was rush hour so we didn't hold anyone up too much.